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Daniel Neufeld

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

      As a little boy, I grew fond of art through my mother, who is an art teacher (who retired in 2014). She and I both have come a long way carrying out a family legacy of our own in fine arts. Everything from sketching out and photographing sites on our travels to sculpting things out of clay, Paris craft, and cardboard. I've also designed and laid out my own costumes for Comic Cons, Halloween, and many other times of the year. 

     The kinds of art that I'm into (which you will see a lot of on my website) are drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, comic books, and sculpting. I also enjoy doing animation.

     In addition to my art, I'm also into sports (mostly baseball, basketball, biking, and swimming), singing, playing the cello, cooking, and making movies. 

    So if you're interested in buying any piece of artwork of mine that's currently available under any category or have questions about them, please feel free to contact me at my email address. Here it is: You can also look me up on Facebook. 




2004 - 2010 Bucks County Community College

2001 - 2004 Council Rock High School South

1998 - 2001 Holland Middle School


Grants & Awards 

2001 - Student ​Of The Month Award.

2004 - Art Excellence Award.

2004 - Certificate Of Appreciation.

2007 - Honorable Mention Award.

2008 - Best In Show.

2009 - Dean's Honor List/ Academic Achievement at BCCC.

2011 - Certificate of Appreciation. 

2019 - First Prize Ribbon.


Exhibitions & Festivals

2006 - 2010 - Art First at Princeton University Medical Center in Princeton, New Jersey.

2007 - Present - Art Ability at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

2011 - Artists' Night Outsponsored/hosted by AG Photography in Newtown, PA.

2012 - "Savor" theme at the Sidetrack Gallery in New Hope, PA. 

2014 - "Like Mother, Like Son" show at home in Holland, PA. 

2015 - Langhorne Coffee House in Langhorne, PA. 

2016 - "Flashbacks" solo show at the Middletown Municipal Building in Langhorne, PA. 

2019 - Photography and a "New Members" shows at the Philadelphia Sketch Club. Also a market at the Cherry Street Pier

2020 - "Works On Paper" at the Philadelphia Sketch Club.

2021 - "Art Of The Flower" at the Philadelphia Sketch Club

2022 - "People" at Frieda's Cafe,

"Transported" at the Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA)

2022 - Photography Exhibition at the Philadelphia Sketch Club

2022 - "Perennial Visions" Exhibition at the DVAA

2023 -  "Love's Great Adventure" at the Philadelphia Plastic Club

2023 - "Works On Paper" at the Philadelphia Sketch Club

2023 - "Bright Lights, Big City" at the Plastic Club

2023 - "Everyday Futures Fest" Sponsored by the Da Vinci Art Alliance; Sustainability Film Festival and Panelist Q&A

2023 - "Art Of The Flower" at the Philadelphia Sketch Club

2023 - "Small Oil Paintings" at the Philadelphia Sketch Club

2023 - "Model Workshop Session" Theme Show at the Philadelphia Sketch Club

2023 - "Members' Choice" at the Plastic Club

2023 - "Photography Exhibition" at the Philadelphia Sketch Club

2023 - "A Summer's Tale" at the Plastic Club


2006 - Took pictures of a musician for the Bucks County Community College's newspaper, The Centurion (February 20th, 2006).  

2017 - Interview/article for the Philadelphia Style Magazine (March 2017 edition).

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